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Artists of Utah/15 Bytes
Artists of Utah is a non-profit devoted to the visual arts in Utah. They publish 15 Bytes, a fabulous monthly magazine (online) with everything you need to know about Utah's art scene.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts/ Young Benefactors

Young Benefactors membership offers a unique opportunity to mingle with a diverse group of people who share a passion for learning about, and encouraging advocacy for, the visual arts.

Salt Lake Art Center

The Salt Lake Art Center supports artists who are independent and responsible, who are engaged in their communities and with vital contemporary issues, and who want to expand the artist’s role in society.

Nox Contemporary

Nox Contemporary is a Salt Lake City-based contemporary art gallery that seeks to exhibit all forms of contemporary art, without regard to commercial viability. It was started by friends John Sproul and Emily Plewe.

Mondo Fine Art

Mikell Stringham has created a new gallery model, setting up her exhibits of some of Utah’s top contemporary artists in upscale locales for a brief period of time.

Jen Harmon Allen

"My sculptural work is about the female body, though not so much its minutest details as its presence. This presence comes from a delicate balance between motion and rest, communicating a kind of eternal yearning - to be greater, to be elsewhere, to simply be and have that be enough."

Nathan Florence

Nathan's a figurative painter. His current work has used fabrics both as a background and as an element in the paintings.

Jenevieve Hubbard

"...she began a series of totemic industrial paintings using soil, tea, ink and acrylic paint. This work became a return to the elemental themes of her childhood, drawing from indigenous mythologies and reflecting her attempts to navigate the spiritual fall-out of a disconnected and isolated modern existence."

Thomas Aaron
"My process is not dissimilar to the content of my work. I reference papers on mathematical theory in urban planning, old city plats, found photographs, thousands of aerial images culled from our vast media universe as well as time spent in the landscape observing the patterns and underlying structure of human involvement on the land..."

Tyler Spurgeon
"Many of his often confrontational paintings simultaneously engage humor and a sense of subtle anxiety. Individual pieces ranged from deadpan to horrific..."

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