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Loggins Merrill

Even though I’ve always been interested in art, it wasn’t until I saw some sketches of the interior of a double-decker train that my eyes were opened up to the world of industrial design. Shortly after that, I started to focus on furniture, but soon expanded into all sorts of home living product design. After graduating and focusing on industrial design, I began to expand into sculpture and started showing my pieces at local art shows. The sculpture pieces take raw industrial materials and personify human nature and experiences through the chosen medium.

My art focuses mainly on the material itself and the form of an object. The process I use is to think of an experience, feeling, or idea and then see how I can best communicate this with an every day material we're familiar with. Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, I’ve lived in Berlin, married a Swiss typographer, and speak Danish to my four boys. Other influences to my art have been Japanese Design with its focus both in nature and simplicity, as well as the Bauhaus period with their concentration on shape and form. I often merge elements of nature and the manufacturing industry together.

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